21 June 2010

Inquiry-Based Research

I am planning a summer 2011 field study to the exiled Tibetan community in India, offered through my university's International Study Programs. Right now, I am developing my research idea and seeking a specific topic within the broad category of technology in Tibetan education. As part of my strategy sessions, I began listing general questions, and I'll post some here:

  • Does the average Tibetan student have regular access to a computer and internet?
  • How often to teachers use media in the classroom?
  • How many websites are written in Tibetan?
  • How many Tibetans have an email address?
  • Do Tibetan students have Indian classmates or classmates of other ethnicities?
  • Is general education mandatory in the exiled Tibetan community?
  • Are Tibetan children/youth comfortable with technology?
  • To what extent has classroom media improved education? (Within the Tibetan community and outside it)
  • How can classroom media improve education for Tibetans?

The Tibetan Technology Center, which is "dedicated to harness modern technology for helping the Tibetan community in India," is actually housed in the Tibetan Children's Villages School (TCV), a "thriving, integrated educational community for destitute Tibetan children in exile, as well as for hundreds of those escaping from Tibet every year." I am currently composing an email for the Tibetan Technology Center contact, and I'm looking forward to their response.

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