07 July 2010

Internet Exploration

I think it is important that I conduct my preliminaty research online. First, I am researching technology in education, so I may as well practice what I preach. Second, any books published about this modern, ever changing medium are likely to be outdated as soon as they are published.

On that note, I have a heap of interesting information about technology in Tibetan education! I was extremely excited when I discovered the facebook group for the Tibetan Children's Village! The group has 973 members, and I believe that many of them are current or former students of TCV schools. Here I found that technology (in the form of computers) is "being introduced to students as early as possible" and is part of regular curriculum. The Dalai Lama has facebook and twitter as well. In 2005, the TCV had a film workshop and this was the result--a beautiful tribute to the TCV. Clearly, technology is prevalent in the Tibetan community in India, especially in their educational system.

I still have a wide array of options and a long way to go to a specific research topic, but I now have a basic understanding of the extent to which technology is prevalent in Tibetan education. Next, I will try to contact some teachers in TCV schools and perhaps the primary administrator of the TCV facebook group, Norbu Jinpa.

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