17 August 2010

Nicholas Negroponte

The founder and chairman of the One Laptop per Child Association (OLPC) and co-founder and director of Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Laboratory, Nicholas Negroponte is an MIT graduate and faculty member. His book, Being Digital, was a 1995 best seller and has been translated into more than 40 languages.

On an August 6, 2010 interview, Negroponte declared the physical book dead--meaning that the digital books (like kindle) will "replace physical books as the dominant form." In fact, an article dated July 19, 2010 declares that kindle book sales have now surpassed Amazon hardcover book sales.

His argument makes a lot of sense in terms of books for developing countries--a digital copy is a much more practical way to transmit text.

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  1. I was just discussing Kindle and the death of the physical book in a book club last week. As book lovers, we didn't think it could happen - I know I personally could never accept an electronic version over the tangibility of pages. And I could never stand staring at a screen for that long. But they do allow you to get a book from anywhere to anywhere, without the worry of shipment and all that. I feel like this is kind of a threat to the integrity of the book... but I can't ignore the fact that digital books do have the potential to massively increase the accessibility of books to people around the world.