28 September 2010

Digital Civilization: A Love Story

Can it really be time for midterms?

I've come to love this class for the wide variety of interesting topics we cover and because it requires me to post on my research blog. Here are my thoughts in response to my midterm questions:

How has my digital literacy assisted my self-directed learning in the subject areas of this course?
So far this semester, I've learned plenty of new ways to access useful information. I especially appreciated my mentor Dr. Burton's suggestions for internet searches, which have helped me to find better, more relevant sources about technology for the Tibetans. Learning Skype has allowed me, twice, to chat with Tibetans. Also, with Diigo, I'm able to keep track of the sources I find while browsing (or surfing, to use that fun 90s term) the web without emailing links to myself.
How has my creation of blog posts and digital media impacted my learning?
My most recent posts, the digital literacy survey and results, have helped me to define my understanding of digital literacy in light of the digital renaissance, and they also allowed me to discover that my classmates generally think the same way that I do with regard to digital tools. The various readings and blogs allow me to think of my research in different light, such as in relation to Cavendish's "Observations Upon Experimental Philosophy."
How have I connected with other class members and with the general public in these areas?
I'm generally interested in what Mike Lemon has to say, which is probably due to the fact that we're both English teaching majors and interested in technology in the classroom. I regularly comment in his blog. As I mentioned above, I've skyped with several Tibetans, and I've posted comments on numerous blogs and online news articles.
Altogether, I feel like I am beginning to master the course material and procedure. It is certainly helping me focus on technology in education in India!

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