10 September 2010

More Skype

The second follower of my blog was a Tibetan named Chime Tenzing, a TCV employee in Dharamsala. We are now facebook friends as well, but I had my first conversation with him today on skype. Here's how it went:

[9/9/2010 11:50:13 PM] Chime Tenzing: hi

Kristen Nicole: Hi!

Chime Tenzing: r u the Kristen that blogs on and about Tibetans?

Kristen Nicole: yep!

Chime Tenzing: k ..so nice meeting u heer on skype

Kristen Nicole: it's nice to meet you, too
Kristen Nicole: How did you know about my blog?

Chime Tenzing: yep thanks
Chime Tenzing: wher r u put up right nw?
Chime Tenzing: mmm on FB

Kristen Nicole: Oh! I understand.
Kristen Nicole: But I don't understand your question about "where am I put up right now"

Chime Tenzing: i mean where are you currently skyping frm?
Chime Tenzing: i m in dharamsala and i guess u r somewhere in town too?

Kristen Nicole: not yet! I'm in America, in Utah

Chime Tenzing: oh i see

Kristen Nicole: I'm hoping to come to India next summer

Chime Tenzing: k...

Kristen Nicole: for research

Chime Tenzing: so how did u get to know about Tibet ..maybe connected with ur reasearch thesis?

Kristen Nicole: well, my university offers various international study programs. I just went to a meeting about field studies, one of the programs, and decided that I wanted to come to the Tibetan community in India
Kristen Nicole: I don't know much about you all, but I am learning

Chime Tenzing: k..great..so you will get to see a lil Tibet in Dharamsala
Chime Tenzing: if i can be of any help u r always welcome

Kristen Nicole: What a kind offer. Thank you!
Kristen Nicole: I'd love to know your opinions and insights about technology in education for Tibetan students

Chime Tenzing: yea i wouldn't be able to say anything on the subject but i could give you the informations on the places where you wil find the rigth information for your research.

Kristen Nicole: that would be wonderful!

Chime Tenzing: yea let's see it!
Chime Tenzing: i will be online every weekdays from mon to friday between 8.30 am t0 5.30 pm ( INdian time) so you can ask anything !

Kristen Nicole: Brilliant. Thank you so much! I will be sure to keep you in mind!

Chime Tenzing: ok take care

Kristen Nicole: You too

[12:05:33 AM] Chime Tenzing: 8-)

How kind of him, don't you think? I am so glad that my mentor/advisor Dr. Burton twisted my arm so that I would step out of my comfort zone and contact people. That practice has yielded the best results in my research so far!


  1. Wow that is great! I just returned from a field study and might be going to India next year myself. Building contacts now? You are way ahead of the game girl! The work you do now will make your experience even better than a typical field study.

  2. Hey, thanks so much Rachel! Which field study did you do already? You know, half the time I feel like I'm really behind because I don't know much, but I am excited about these contacts! Now if only I had some good questions for them . . . :)

  3. Haha oh don't you worry, the prep class and the questions will kick your butt, so enjoy this state while you can! I just got back from Ghana. I'm so excited for you! Have you had a strategy session with Ashley Tolman yet?

  4. Yes, actually, all my strategy sessions are with Ashley and Jay because Nephi doesn't work for the Kennedy center anymore and they don't yet have a replacement for him.

    So the prep class is killer? I'm actually taking three killer classes next semester, and I'm a little worried. Are you talking about the questions that Ashley always me to have? I never have enough :)