13 September 2010

StumbleUpon Delicious iGoogle

Braquel and I got together today and exchanged notes on web browsers and social bookmarking. Here's what I learned:

Delicious: Social bookmarking is the same as adding websites to the "favorites" bar on your web browser, except that you can access delicious on any computer instead of just your own. I like everything about this site except that it forced me to create a Yahoo email address (I now have 5 email addresses to my name and enough log-in names and passwords for a lifetime). It's simple to sign up and simple to use. I find it most useful as I come across websites applicable to my research that I don't have the time to peruse right away. Before, I would send links to myself in email so I'd have access whenever I am online, but I really like the organization of a delicious account (especially tagging).

StumbleUpon: I tried StumbleUpon after I became annoyed at creating a Yahoo account. I was hoping it would be the same--it is not. After creating my account, I checked various interests connected to my research and proceeded to stumble around the suggested websites. The best idea I came across was India Google (through which I found some good ideas); everything else was irrelevant (but check out this crazy motorcyclist!). Other than that, I'm not too excited about StumbleUpon, despite Oprah's endorsement.

Finally, iGoogle: Braquel showed me iGoogle, which I had only visited briefly before. I already converted both gmail and Google Chrome, and I wasn't intending become a Google disciple. I therefore spent a minimal amount of time--adding a translation gadget (I'm studying French) and deleting the youtube gadget . However! When my browsing brought me to seek a theme other than the boring classic Google, I found a beautiful new world of picture formats and immediately fell in love. I've now made iGoogle my homepage, and I'm so excited to change the theme to various things that I love (Calla lilies, France, India, Hubble photographs, Everest, Ranunculus, Harry Potter . . .) Isn't it funny how Google got me this time?

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