19 October 2010

Little Skype

I've heard of field study students having a hard time getting into TCV schools, so I thought I'd ask Norbu about my chances.

Kristen Nicole: Hello Norbu! Are you well?

Norbu: ya...very much wat happen
Norbu: n u?

Kristen Nicole: I'm doing great thanks

Norbu: so
Norbu: hows yiour study going on

Kristen Nicole: it's going very well, actually
Kristen Nicole: I"m trying to get funding right now

Norbu: ok

Kristen Nicole: but I've narrowed my focus to digital literacy
Kristen Nicole: and I think I'll primarily conduct interviews and surveys and observe classrooms

Norbu: poic

Kristen Nicole: do you think I'd be able to interview TCV students and employees? do you think they'd let me come into the school?

Norbu: of course...for reserach purspose..its not big deal
Norbu: but you have to take permission n explain your aims n objectives..et al
Norbu: some simple procedures as always
Norbu: one of our former studnets is going to do research ton education system or somethng on tcv

Kristen Nicole: oh really? when will he or she be doing this research?

Norbu: its about the past students of tcv....n thier backgrounds...presnt status
Norbu: etc

Kristen Nicole: that's interesting

Norbu: doing next year beginning
Norbu: spring i guess

Kristen Nicole: that's when I'll be there, too

Norbu: tcv has lots of alumni...for the last 50 years
Norbu: ok

Kristen Nicole: cool. Well, thanks for your input
Kristen Nicole: I really appreciate your help
Kristen Nicole: I'd better go, but I'll talk to you later!

Norbu: ok gal
Norbu: bye

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  1. This was pretty interesting to read. I've known a few people that have gone to other countries to help in their schools. I've briefly looked at TCV before since I someday hope to become a teacher and would like to lend my services to other countries without the educational system like we do. This provided a bit more insight into TCV.
    Thanks for posting this!