05 October 2010

Prezi--Finding my Focus

For my field study strategy session today, I made the following prezi presentation that summarizes my ideas about digital literacy for Tibetan students. I think I've finally come to a reasonable, interesting topic for my field research.

We live in the midst of a digital renaissance. Those of us who grew up with internet have brains wired for digital literacy, and the effects are manifest in our culture. To what extent does Tibetan culture exhibit these same effects? What difference does regular internet access make in student digital literacy?


  1. Another thing I've been thinking about since we talked this over earlier today is how important it is to be consistently clear on what your defined study population is: that is, you are studying a Tibetan population in a particular settlement in India. Obviously there are Tibetans living all over the world, and many of them are not particularly limited in their access to things like the internet, iPhones, and social media.

    I'm still really excited about this as a core question for a field project, and love having the whole thing summed up so well in this format. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the tip Jay, and thanks for your kind input. Question: Can I be even more specific than that Tibetan population in India? Would the students, faculty, and other school employees from that settlement be too small a study population?

  3. Fancy! Wow you are way ahead of the game.