29 November 2010


We just had the most fantastic interview with Norbu Jinpa!

We would ask him our questions and he gave long, golden answers.  They blew us away.  I don't know how he managed to give such a great answer to every question, but that's Norbu for you!  He's just that great!

We have about 40 minutes of recorded interview, 15 of which are video chat.  It was a better connection without the video so we disbanded it for most of the interview.

Here's the behind-the-scenes of the interview, the Skype text conversation:

[8:01:53 PM] Norbu: hi

Kristen Nicole: hey!
Kristen Nicole: are you ready?

Norbu: ya
Norbu: will the audio be ok

Kristen Nicole: I hope so
Kristen Nicole: do you have a webcam?

Norbu: if i do video u be pputing that in wesite right
Norbu: i dont feel comfy of that

Kristen Nicole: okay
Kristen Nicole: we won't put it on the website

Norbu: but i got a laptop with cam
Norbu: ok

Kristen Nicole: would you mind if we showed a video to our class and some friends?

Norbu: i think so

*** Call to Norbu, duration 01:17. ***

*** Call from Norbu, duration 01:49. ***

*** Call to Norbu, duration 14:53. ***

*** Call to Norbu, duration 25:00. ***

Kristen Nicole: Thanks again!

[8:58:01 PM] Norbu: u r welcome


  1. congrats on such a good interview. i cant wait to see some of it. when are you showing us? is this a part of your final project?

  2. thanks Jake! the best parts of the interview will be in our final project video

  3. How about a screen shot just showing his face on your blog? And congrats on getting a good interview!