13 November 2010

How Did All This Get Here?

My classmate, Shuan Pai, has also been keeping a blog for our digital civilization class.  She's done very well in incorporating historical content into her blogging, particularly in her post on economics.  "What if . . . ," about psychology, is particularly well filled with images and videos.  She incorporates modernism into her review of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufock," showing some beautiful self directed learning and even a create lab!  She tied the chicken and egg debate to the religious doubt of the Victorian age.  Her Industrial Revolution post had great content as well.

Several of Shuan's posts indicate that she uses the consume-create-connect model with her digital tools.  In "Neopets" she shares the methods of a neopet creation and her own enjoyment therein.  I really like the Scribd she added into her psychology post!  She has a great blurb for google translate as well, a consume lab (or perhaps connect because of the way she uses it to mentor?) and mentions Pandora.  Shuan gives a great synopsis for Diigo as well, proving that she is consuming information effectively.

One fault I noticed was the length of blog posts--they are quite long, and I usually skimmed the end.  Shuan could make her ideas more accessible by writing more concise posts.  Shuan didn't often address digital culture or computing concepts, but that may be just as well.  Also, I wanted the blog to have some sort of cohesion between posts, and perhaps a bit more variety.  However, altogether, it's very well done!

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