12 November 2010

Norbu, Skype, and the Final Project

[2:30:25 AM] Kristen Nicole: Norbu! It's been a while. How are you doing?

Norbu: great

Kristen Nicole: I'm glad to hear it
Kristen Nicole: I have a question for you

Norbu: ya sure

Kristen Nicole: How would you feel about me interviewing you over Skype video?
Kristen Nicole: Not right now but in a week or so

Norbu: its fine but wat purpose

Kristen Nicole: Well, I'm doing a class project about digital literacy in your community in India
Kristen Nicole: I'm not sure yet exactly what questions we'd ask you, but we'd want to make a video to present to our class and post to our website about what we learn about Tibetan digital literacy
Kristen Nicole: Does that make sense?

Norbu: ya but its strange
Norbu: if u interview me..i dont know wat am i gonna say
Norbu: justtt curious

Kristen Nicole: well, if you want, I can send the questions to you in email before the interview

Norbu: ya

Kristen Nicole: and you can let me know if they are any good
Kristen Nicole: and maybe you can even tell me what questions we should be asking instead of the ones we think of
Kristen Nicole: so that you'll know everything before we even start the interview
Kristen Nicole: Okay, let's talk more about his later, shall we? Thanks so much for your help!
Kristen Nicole: I"ll talk to you later

[2:50:09 AM] Norbu: sure

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