03 November 2010

Wordle: Text as Art

Wordle: ORCA
My ORCA application in a wordle

So, my wordle turned out really small, but I really like it so you should click on this link and look at it in its proper size. Go ahead, click on it!

Really, do it!

Okay, thanks.

I just made another wordle for "A Logic Named Joe."

Wordle: A Logic named Joe
Other wordle

Here's the thing about wordle: it's really easy but it looks really cool! Plus, it's interesting to know which words are the most used in your paper (as is made apparent by their size). Just go to wordle's homepage, click create, and enter your text. I just tried out the URL function with my own blog. Here's what I got!

Wordle: Technology in Exile blog
My blog in wordle


After you have your original wordle, you can mess around with the font, layout, and colors until it suits you. You can then save it to a public gallery so everyone in the world can see your word art! Finally, after you save to the public, you can copy and past some html code to your blog. Here's one last wordle from a paper I wrote about Billy Collins.

Wordle: Billy Collins Torn: The Two Personalities of America's Favorite Poet
This paper was about the relationship between
Collins, the poet, and his reader . . . can you tell?

Happy wordle-ing!

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  1. I think I'll wordle my journal and take a look at my life... thanks for introducing me to "Wordle"! Fun!