30 December 2010


Grand total of Tibet books to read this semester: 12

Movies to watch: 2

Here are my findings from the library just now:

17 December 2010

Norbu's Answer

I am feeling all sorts of awful.  I really wish we'd been able to interview Norbu live for our digital civilization event.  I just got on Skype for the first time in a while, and Norbu immediately sent me this:

[12/9/2010 8:44:14 PM] Norbu: hiu there
Norbu: hi
Norbu: hi
Norbu: thanks for your help in spreading infor about Tibet n likewiase
Norbu: Here is the answer forthe Q you asked:
Norbu: What is the one thing that you want to tell the world about Tibetans?

- First of all, we’ve lost our beloved fatherland to China in 1959, since then we lived in exile for over 50 Years under the Leadership oh His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama. Whatever we are today is all because of the tireless effort of H.H.

- Secondly, we’re struggling with so many things here in Exile; from regaining our Tibet back to preservation of our Tibetan Language, Culture and Identity against the all odds of world of diversity and modernization.

- We are people under threat & we’re in despair. We definitely need your support!

- People of the World (esp. the World Leaders) there’s something called Humanity & Righteousness than mere Economic Development! You got to RE-THINK on the ground of truthfulness, humanity & genuine global issues concerning all people of world!

Norbu: thanlks to you all for enlightening others about the  Tibet and its cause...we really appreciate your help and continued support...

Kristen Nicole: Norbu
Kristen Nicole: you're the best

Norbu: hi

Kristen Nicole: how are you?

Norbu: am good n n?
Norbu: so u seem to be so relaxed after your semester completion...
Norbu: wats your plan...next?

Kristen Nicole: oh, I am going to have a Christmas break
Kristen Nicole: that won't really be a break :)
Kristen Nicole: but next semester I'll buckle down and figure out my project
Kristen Nicole: and then I'm coming to India in the summer

Norbu: oic

Kristen Nicole: I'm so sorry the live interview didn't work out! I wish you could have said all that to our audience
Kristen Nicole: it's brilliant

Norbu: well its..ok there's always next time..

Kristen Nicole: mmm yes
Kristen Nicole: did you get to see the video?

Norbu: ya
Norbu: its nice...

Kristen Nicole: oh, I'm glad you liked it!
Kristen Nicole: Norbu, I really should go to sleep because I'm tired and it's late
Kristen Nicole: but I'd love to talk to you another time!  have a great day

[1:21:36 AM] Norbu: ok good night

16 December 2010

Oh, goodbyes

I'm quite sad that this semester is over!  It went so quickly, and it was so glorious!  My digital civilization classmates were brilliant and gorgeous, the class was excellent, and Drs Zappala and Burton were the masterminds behind the magic.

Our Digital Civilization event went very well, even though there was a miscommunication between Norbu and me about the time of the event.  (I promise I checked and double checked!  I don't know what happened!)  I was expecting that I'd miss lots of the presentations because I would be trying to get a connection going with Norbu, and I was right!  I didn't even watch my group's video.

Here's a secret--I almost did not take this class.  I had actually already completed the GE requirement that Digital Civilization fulfills, and who wants to sit through TWO history GEs in one year?  Missing this class would have been a mistake, though, since it was perfect for my India field study preparation.  I was thinking about Tibetans all the time, Skyping with Norbu, and I even had fantastic group members with whom I completed a beautiful interview and video.

08 December 2010

Last Minute Preparation

[10:05:10 PM] Kristen Nicole: hey Norbu!
Kristen Nicole: how are you?

Norbu: hi am good n u?

Kristen Nicole: I'm great
Kristen Nicole: do you want to see our video?

Norbu: ya
Norbu: sure

Kristen Nicole: okay
Kristen Nicole: I'm just tying up some loose ends
Kristen Nicole: and then I'll send it to you
Kristen Nicole: what email should I send it to?

Norbu: [censored]

07 December 2010

Progress Report

Here's the thing: video editing is really hard.  I am definitely feeling the pressure to get this one done, and I have a feeling that it won't be polished the way I want it by tomorrow morning.  But you know what?  Some things are more important than finishing my project video.

Here's my Skype with Norbu:

[12/6/2010 8:36:55 PM] Kristen Nicole: Hey Norbu!

Norbu: hi

Kristen Nicole: how are you?

Norbu: am fine n u?

Norbu: goood

Kristen Nicole: I'm great :)
Kristen Nicole: I haven't talked to you for a while.  What has been going on in your life?
Kristen Nicole: Norbu, would you mind if I used your pictures of flowers and landscapes in the video I'm making about your interview?  It's the one we're going to share with our class

Norbu: ok its fine
Norbu: u can use them

Kristen Nicole: thank you so much

Norbu: u are welcome

Kristen Nicole: Norbu, would it be possible to do a live interview on Friday morning?

Norbu: friday is holiday fr us
Norbu:  ita 10 dec...nobel peace prize day

Kristen Nicole: oh
Kristen Nicole: !
Kristen Nicole: so you won't be available.
Kristen Nicole: that's just fine!

Norbu: you can set another time for that

Kristen Nicole: I actually can't
Kristen Nicole: because our event is December 9th, 2010, from 7-9 p.m.

Norbu: oic

Kristen Nicole: which would be 7:30-9:30 on Dec 10 for you

Norbu: well then i'll try to make it

Kristen Nicole: okay
Kristen Nicole: that would be awesome
Kristen Nicole: what time do you think you'd be able to?

Norbu: ya any time between 7.30-8.30

Kristen Nicole: okay, deal
Kristen Nicole: I'll try to work that out
Kristen Nicole: you're the best!

Norbu: hmmmmmmmmmm

[1:38:20 AM] Kristen Nicole: you really are!

Tibet and Western Civilization

Tibetans are not directly linked to much of Western history, but I've been drawing parallels throughout the semester to relate my research to European civilization.  I began with Tibet as a Utopia, in More's use of the word for his book of the same title.  While discussing the printing revolution I pondered the revolution of authority in the digital renaissance and its implications for research in India.  I linked democracy to the digital world to the Tibetan situation in exile.  In comparing the digital world to the American frontier I explored the possibility of Tibetan students feeling overwhelmed by the digital mass of information as I do.  On that same train of thought I found a common ground in future shock, Darwinism, and Tibetan religion.  I marveled at the way modernity has changed what is actually "common sense," specifically in what I have been able to do (for free!) as I prepare to go to India.  When we read Freud I disputed his quote in relation to the Tibetan community.  Of course, I discussed the modern digital revolution itself in relation to Tibetans as well as technology itself, and I wondered about both positive and negative results of digital literacy.

I believe that these relationships are sufficient to link Western civilization to our project interviewing Norbu, but I could also add a blurb about British colonialism.  Until shortly after the Indian mutiny in 1857, India was a colony of Great Britain.  Thus, Indian writers like Salman Rushdie have contributed to literature in English.  In this way, India itself has directly become a part of the Western tradition.

04 December 2010

Falling Action

Back in junior high I learned the dramatic structure.  It begins with exposition, continues through the rising action, climax, and falling action, and concludes with the denouement.  Our fantastic interview with Norbu was the climax of our Digital Civilization project, and now the video editing is the falling action before we present our work.

Norbu Jinpa during our Skype interview

Let's have a round of applause for Norbu!  As Mike Lemon says, that man is solid.  He's the reason that our five minutes of the Digital Civilization event on December 9, 2010 will be fabulous!

02 December 2010


After much deliberation, my best blog post choices go to:

Historical Content: Jeffrey Whitlock's Evolution and the Gospel.  Jeff was responding to Jake's post, which shows that he is connecting with his peers (good for you, Jeff!) and produced a thoughtful, informed response.  His post begins with a personal experience that certainly captures the interest of his BYU audience and proceeds with quotes, an outlined argument, and scripture.  Way to go!

Computing Content: Sarah Wills's Screen Capture.  This post is the perfect digital literacy lab post.  I was a little embarrassed to admit that I had been trying (and failing) to do a screenshot for some time before I read this post.  Because Sarah's post was informative and thorough, I have now successfully captured several screenshots.  Sarah teaches screen capture for both PC and MAC computers, and for several different versions of windows.  She then provides examples of her own screenshots.  Perfect!

Self-Directed Learning: Erin Hamson's Self-Directed Learning: a whole different story.  This is a post about self-directed learning, but I think she makes really good points.  She discusses the difficulty she had deciding on a direction for self-directed learning and then documents her personal journey there.  She notes the importance of Diigo bookmarks and MIT's Open Courseware website, noting the ways she's successfully directed her own learning.  I think she did a great job documenting her success.  Good job!