02 December 2010


After much deliberation, my best blog post choices go to:

Historical Content: Jeffrey Whitlock's Evolution and the Gospel.  Jeff was responding to Jake's post, which shows that he is connecting with his peers (good for you, Jeff!) and produced a thoughtful, informed response.  His post begins with a personal experience that certainly captures the interest of his BYU audience and proceeds with quotes, an outlined argument, and scripture.  Way to go!

Computing Content: Sarah Wills's Screen Capture.  This post is the perfect digital literacy lab post.  I was a little embarrassed to admit that I had been trying (and failing) to do a screenshot for some time before I read this post.  Because Sarah's post was informative and thorough, I have now successfully captured several screenshots.  Sarah teaches screen capture for both PC and MAC computers, and for several different versions of windows.  She then provides examples of her own screenshots.  Perfect!

Self-Directed Learning: Erin Hamson's Self-Directed Learning: a whole different story.  This is a post about self-directed learning, but I think she makes really good points.  She discusses the difficulty she had deciding on a direction for self-directed learning and then documents her personal journey there.  She notes the importance of Diigo bookmarks and MIT's Open Courseware website, noting the ways she's successfully directed her own learning.  I think she did a great job documenting her success.  Good job!

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