16 December 2010

Oh, goodbyes

I'm quite sad that this semester is over!  It went so quickly, and it was so glorious!  My digital civilization classmates were brilliant and gorgeous, the class was excellent, and Drs Zappala and Burton were the masterminds behind the magic.

Our Digital Civilization event went very well, even though there was a miscommunication between Norbu and me about the time of the event.  (I promise I checked and double checked!  I don't know what happened!)  I was expecting that I'd miss lots of the presentations because I would be trying to get a connection going with Norbu, and I was right!  I didn't even watch my group's video.

Here's a secret--I almost did not take this class.  I had actually already completed the GE requirement that Digital Civilization fulfills, and who wants to sit through TWO history GEs in one year?  Missing this class would have been a mistake, though, since it was perfect for my India field study preparation.  I was thinking about Tibetans all the time, Skyping with Norbu, and I even had fantastic group members with whom I completed a beautiful interview and video.

India will be a hugely significant part of my education.  Not only will it consume two years of my life (what with preparation, field research, and writing and defending my honors thesis) but I can feel it changing my education right now.  Instead of trying to find some book someone wrote twenty years ago about Tibetans I have access to real time information from a real life Tibetan in India.  My research is suddenly relevant to the world right now and to my own varied interests (I like lots of things--science, psychology, technology, cool books, learning new ideas, French, religion, school in general, literature, Harold, digital literacy, integrating secular and spiritual knowledge, my family, teaching, digital tools, my past, friends, history, cool people, cool people who think I'm cool, helping people, etc.)  I feel like my education is coming full circle (not to mention my life!)  Suddenly, things that I like can be part of my schoolwork (for example, I LOVE that I can have music on my blog! Check out my new widget on the right had sidebar at the bottom!)

Ah, life.

Photo credit Stuck in Customs

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