03 January 2011

Making Amends

Dear wallet,

Please forgive me for the impulse buy earlier this evening in the bookstore. I didn't realize it would be a $20 dollar book as it seemed to come from a sale shelf, but I still think that Charlie Gere's Digital Culture will be a great one for my research! The back cover says:

While few would contest the impact of the computer on the world of work, Digital Culture reveals its seismic effects on our social, cultural and political lives. In the last 20 years digital technologies have not only converged with digital forms, such as the world wide web and video games, to surround us with a seamless digital mediascape, they have also integrally affected developments in art, music, design, film and literature. In this book Charlie Gere maps the set of cultural symptoms that gave rise to digital culture . . . and the responses that they in turn produced.

See, won't that be a great book to own? Please don't hate me forever!

Yours truly,

Kristen Nicole


  1. Kristen- I did the same thing! I bought three extra books from he discontinued textbook section because I got so excited : )

  2. Oh Kristi, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I'm feeling a bit guilty about it still :)

    Thanks Rachel! Also, thanks for your concern about my eyeballs :)