09 January 2011

Yet Another Skype

[8:43:59 PM] Kristen Nicole: Hello!

Norbu: hi

Kristen Nicole: Are you well?

Norbu: ya n good
Norbu: so hows your life...n all the things..

Kristen Nicole: oh, it's good
Kristen Nicole: I'm actually just recovering from ulcers in my eyes and a minor illness
Kristen Nicole: I think my preparation is going well
Kristen Nicole: I spend too much time reading and thinking about it :)

Norbu: ohh i seee that's hmm
Norbu: so are you well or recovering now...

Kristen Nicole: but I only say that because I spend way more time on my research than working on my other classes
Kristen Nicole: I'm recovering, mostly well at this point

Norbu: ok thats good

Kristen Nicole: Norbu, what would be the most useful thing I could do while I'm in Dharamsala?

Norbu: so this means u'll be in dhasa this summer

Kristen Nicole: yes

Norbu: in wht month...

Kristen Nicole: I believe it will be May, June, and July, but perhaps earlier or later
Kristen Nicole: No earlier than April and no earlier than August
Kristen Nicole: excuse me, no later than August

Norbu: so how many months u would stay approx

Kristen Nicole: I'll be in Dharamsala for 90 days
Kristen Nicole: so approximately 3 months

Norbu: oh ic

Kristen Nicole: so what do you think would be the most useful thing I could do in that time?

Norbu: wats your main reason of coming to dhasa
Norbu: n india
Norbu: any particular plan or purpose...

Kristen Nicole: I am coming to research digital literacy
Kristen Nicole: specifically in the TCV
Kristen Nicole: and you said I'd be able to visit the school, right?

Norbu: oic
Norbu: ya

Kristen Nicole: I was just wondering if you had any suggestions for ways I could be useful to you and your community

Norbu: well i suggest you to prepare a brief/detail write up on your research on Digital Literacy...its main objectives, plans, actions, possible outcome and implications, etc
Norbu: and send it to us...so that we can plan n discuss as well

Kristen Nicole: oh, you would be interested in reading about what I find?

Norbu: ya if you give ur plans n outcomes , with that upcoming research, it 'll useful for all of us as well in future...

Kristen Nicole: okay, so would you like my research proposal as well as my final paper?  I am planning to turn this research into my honors thesis, so I expect that it will be an extensive paper

Norbu: wel we would like to see your research proposal...although we know we have an idea about your research as we talked n discussed on skype several time...

Kristen Nicole: yes, you're right
Kristen Nicole: but it will be much more developed by the time I write my proposal

Norbu: ya

Kristen Nicole: I am glad that you're interested in seeing it!  I hope it lives up to your expectation
Kristen Nicole: I"d better go since it's late, but I hope you have a great day!

[11:24:52 PM] Norbu: ok good night

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