22 February 2011


I learned in my prep class a while ago about mapping, and I had some pretty cool ideas for how I could incorporate it into my project.  Here's what I'm thinking:
  • Generate maps of physical locations significant to digital literacy (e.g. the physical classroom, a computer classroom, an internet cafe, an administrative office)
  • Social mapping--students draw, on a world map, whence come their international friends/ acquaintances/ blog readers/ facebook friends, etc. 
I guess I actually only had two ideas :)

But I think these maps would be incredibly informative and useful!  I don't know if a given student would have contacts who live internationally or have a blog with international attention, but if so this would be a great way to illustrate it.  I think I would ask the students to illustrate it themselves, but if I am dealing with blog statistics then I could certainly help fill in the map.

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