14 February 2011

Recommended Reading: Tibetreport

I don't recall how I found this blog, but I love it! 

The most touching recent post is about the author's father-in-law, who recently died in Dharamsala.  He gives the eulogy, mentioning his active involvement and leadership in the local Tibetan community and affinity for Tibetan radio programs, which he preferred to the TV programs that he found distracting.  The author concludes with this striking phrase:
My own father passed away many years ago and with the passing away of my father-in-law now I am reminded of the gradual generational change taking place in the Tibetan community.
Another good post is about the Tibetan ad in the Super Bowl broadcast.  He astutely notes that "American football fans being what they are, they want the commercials to also bring in the same excitement as the match."  He notes that the Tibetan reaction was generally positive; they were grateful for publicity about their situation.

Another intriguing post, an article written for the Tibetan Review by the author himself, I haven't yet had time to read, but is titled "The Dalai Lama's Master Plan."

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