22 February 2011

When One Conversation Generates Another

[2/21/2011 11:17:07 PM] tnsakalsang: Hello

Kristen Nicole: Hello

tnsakalsang: Are you on line?

Kristen Nicole: Tashidelek
Kristen Nicole: How are you?

tnsakalsang: Thank you I am fine here

Kristen Nicole: I'm glad

tnsakalsang: My interview came in your blog It was nice and there some comments. Some people agree and some will not. That is bound to be

Kristen Nicole: I'm glad you got to see it!  And I'm glad that people commented, too
Kristen Nicole: it's always good when my posts generate a discussion

tnsakalsang: Again this will come in your blog?
tnsakalsang: I must be more careful in terms of using correct words.

Kristen Nicole: Oh, no
Kristen Nicole: not if you don't want it to
Kristen Nicole: Your English is excellent
Kristen Nicole: but if you don't want me to, then I won't post it on my blog

tnsakalsang: We will have informal discussion on any subject but if you fell to make it public then it is up to you

Kristen Nicole: Okay.  I'll try to be better about asking for permission, though.  I've not been very good at that

tnsakalsang: I didn't mind if our discussion helps other

Kristen Nicole: Great, thanks!

tnsakalsang: Now time for lunc here in India. Good night and see you next time. I will not be in office for coming three days. Going to see another culture. To visit Golden Temple in Amritsar.

[2/21/2011 11:51:34 PM] Kristen Nicole: Enjoy your trip.  Thank you so much!

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