05 December 2012

Tibetan Digital Literacy: A Field Study

This blog documents my research into digital literacy in the Tibetan Children's Village school in McLeod Ganj, India in the summer of 2011. It spans from preliminary investigation to post-field reflection. Some highlights are my conversations with Norbu Jinpa, an email interview with a Tibetan political blogger, and the creative non-fiction I wrote while I was in India. To preserve the privacy of my subjects, I did not post results from field interviews or student surveys online. Two of my most popular posts are An American Classroom, which includes some descriptive notes of a high school class, and a description of Tibetan and Indian symbols.

One strength of documenting research in this way is that it reveals my full process, my ideas as they developed, and allows for conversation at every stage. If you are visiting this site, I welcome you to leave a comment and join the conversation.